QI Software Privacy Policy

QI Software ("Company", "We") respects and values visitors to its websites, including qi.games and any related websites ("Website"). The Privacy Policy explains how the Company collects, stores, and uses the information you provide to us.

By using the Website, you agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, do not use the Website. The Company may update this Privacy Policy at any time, without notice. Please ensure you check this Privacy Policy from time to time to stay aware of any changes. Your continued use of the Website indicates your acceptance of any changes to the current Privacy Policy which replaces any prior version.

Personal Information Collected

  1. The Company may collect limited personal information that is voluntarily provided by you through the Website.
  2. When you make or interact with the Website, information the Company collects may include:
    1. your first name;
    2. your last name;
    3. your email address;
    4. your address; and
    5. your phone number.
  3. The Company may also collect information to allow you to make purchases through the Website. In this case, information the Company collects may include, in addition to the information identified above, the product(s) or service(s) you are interested in or purchasing or have purchased. The Company uses third party providers to complete any transactions, and never receives your credit card or other financial information. If you choose to complete a purchase through the Website, you will be transferred to a third party website, and we recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies applicable to that website before providing any personal information.
  4. Further, your computer may transmit certain information in connection with use of the Website, which the Company may collect and use to monitor its services, better understand its user community, and to prevent abuse, including:
    1. geographic information;
    2. information about your computer (operating system, capabilities, etc.); and
    3. your IP address, browser type, internet service provider, referring page, operating system, date/time stamp, and click stream data.
  5. The Company may also collect any other data which you may elect to send to our Website as part of the use of the Website.

Use of Your Personal Information

  1. The personal information you provide to the Company may be used:
    1. to facilitate effective operation of the Website;
    2. to facilitate interaction among Website users;
    3. to fulfill orders for products or services;
    4. to alert you to new products or services, features, or enhancements;
    5. to route your inquiries to the appropriate personnel;
    6. to monitor usage and prevent abuse of the Website and any of the Company's services or infrastructure;
    7. for internal marketing purposes including to provide you with notifications of opportunities, contests, promotions, special events, and offers or to improve our products and services; and
    8. for any use required, or provided for, by law.

Sharing of Your Information

  1. The Company limits the sharing of any personal information you provide. The Company does not sell your personal information, or provide it to marketers.
  2. The Company may share your information with others to provide services to you or to facilitate your use of the Website and interaction with other Website users. This includes:
    1. information which you enter the negotiation pages on the Website, which may be accessible by other Website users;
    2. information about yourself to facilitate your interaction with the Website and other users;
    3. information you share with another Website user; and
    4. information necessary to complete a purchase through the Website, such as your name, email address, and the details of the transaction including the product(s) or service(s) you wish to purchase.

    The Company is unable to control the activities of the third parties, and recommends that you review their privacy policies as this Privacy Policy does not apply to them. Where the Company does business with a third party vendor to provide you with services the Company seeks to ensure third parties will sufficiently protect your personal information, for example by using reputable third parties, but cannot guarantee protection of your personal information.

  3. The Company may share your information with others to facilitate its operations and continued growth, including:
    1. a third party providing services to facilitate the Company's ongoing operations, such as a third party information technology vendor that may be located inside or out of Canada or the United States of America;
    2. disclosure to related corporate entities; and
    3. disclosure to an entity the Company may merge with or be taken over by.

    In these circumstances, the Company will seek to ensure there are suitable measures in place to protect your personal information, including appropriate confidentiality agreements.

  4. The Company may share your information as required, or provided for, by law. This includes, for example, as part of a police investigation or in response to a court order.


  1. The Company may collect and use information through the form of cookies or other similar technology. Cookies are a form of data storage on your computer which is shared with the Website, allowing us to:
    1. provide a consistent and customized user experience;
    2. facilitate navigation of the Website; and
    3. facilitate Website features.

    You may disable cookies in your browser if you prefer that they not be set, however that may limit some functionality of the Company.

Storage of Personal Information

  1. The Company uses industry standard encryption techniques for the storage of personal information to protect against any breach. The Company's systems have been designed to store the most sensitive personal information in a manner which is encrypted and can only be retrieved with use of your password. We strongly recommend the use of strong passwords.
  2. The Company may store your personal information on its data systems anywhere in the world, including Canada and the United States of America, itself or with the assistance of third parties. Where the Company uses the services of a third party to store your personal information, the Company seeks to ensure third parties will sufficiently protect your personal information, for example by using reputable third parties.
  3. The Company may continue to store and use your personal information:
    1. for at least the time required by law, for example to record sales activity;
    2. indefinitely for any information posted or made viewable publicly on the Website;
    3. indefinitely if the information is made anonymous or where aggregated.
  4. The Company seeks to eliminate personal information no longer necessary for compliance with its legal obligations or to deliver products or services to you. To protect data, the Company also performs regular backups or its systems and personal information including information later deleted may be stored in backups following the Company's usual backup procedures.

Updating and Correcting Personal Information

  1. At any time that you have an account on the Website, you may update or correct your information through the Website.
  2. You are also entitled to access and take your data with you. You can access your data by logging into any negotiation(s) you are part of on the Website.

Withdrawing Consent

  1. At any time, you may withdraw your consent to this Privacy Policy and cease use of the Website. Any existing data entered will be destroyed in accordance with the Company's data destruction policies. You recognize that due to security measures that have implemented, we may be unable to locate and return to you all your personal data encrypted in forms we do not have access to. Personal data will also be removed from backups in accordance with our backup procedures.

Third Party Sites

  1. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party website, including any website linked to from the Website. The Company does not make any endorsement of third party websites, and encourages you to review their privacy policies.

California Privacy Rights

  1. The Company does not disclose personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. It does not provide to any users the ability to post content to public areas of the Website.
  2. Residual copies of information that has been deleted may remain in our backup system. We are not required to remove content or information if it has been rendered anonymous, aggregated, or if we are required by law to retain it. Additionally, we do not have control over third parties (e.g., other users) who may have copied or reposted the content or information.

Concerns and Complaints

  1. We take your privacy seriously. If you have concerns about your privacy or our use of your private information, please contact us. You also have the right to complain to a regulator. We may be contacted at: